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Selling or Purchasing a Unit?


No advertisement signs may be displayed which are visible from the exterior of the building. If you wish to place an advertisement in the display box outside the lodge, or on the Association's website, please contact the Managing Agent.

Certificate of Resale

When selling a condo, West Virginia requires a seller to provide a purchaser with a Certificate of Resale which must disclose any past due amounts for the selling unit, any past due amounts for all other condos, as well as other required information. If you are selling your unit, you (or your agent, if property is listed) may request a Certificate of Resale by contacting the Managing Agent. Please note that the Managing Agent is the only person authorized to provide a Certificate of Resale This is a fee-based service ($50.00), and will be provided within 10 days of request.

Notifying the Managing Agent

The Managing Agent should be notified as soon as possible when a unit owner has found a purchaser and has an agreement to purchase is in place. The Managing Agent will supply necessary information to the closing attorney. Also, the purchaser must provide the Managing Agent with contact information - please see WUOA Owner Infomation.