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Owners Working in Common Area

  • You must obtain written permission from the Executive Board or Managing Agent before beginning any work on the common elements. The plumbing inside the walls is considered common area. For other projects, if you are not sure what is considered common area, please check with the Managing Agent.
  • To request permission, please contact the Managing Agent.
  • Depending on the nature of work being done, a building permit may be required along with verification of contractor licensing and insurance. You will be notified of any such requirements by the Managing Agent.
  • If a building permit is required, you'll need to complete the Pre-Application form and send to the Managing Agent for signature. The Building Codes department will not issue you a permit until you provide them with the form signed by the Managing Agent or member of the Board.

The Board encourages all owners to make updates and improvements. These rules and guidelines have been put in place by the Board to ensure that all work is done in such a way to protect the interests of all owners.

If you are not sure whether you need permission for the work you'd like to do, the best thing is to call or email the Managing Agent beforehand.